Our Philosophy

A luxury home is a perfect masterpiece and the aesthetics is in every particular detail.

The most a house is prestigious, the most its presentation must be luxurious. For this reason we have created a site planned in particulars, with strong impact but moreover dedicated to a clientele who has large claims and who looks for rare and exclusive real estates.

We have made a very important choice, in other words a selectivity of the real estates we deal with (rustications, castles, lofts, farms, islands, palaces, villas that have an artistic and historical value and a great signature design, unique location, particular characteristics, elevated price, etc…)

Our selection permits to let the customers to benefit of an exceptional service, that is personalized. In fact we work daily on the details developing constantly our experience to make our processes more efficient. We project our service as it is the unique we offer so that it can become special, to offer our customers always the best. Only thinking and behaving as the Number 1 we are certain to become the Number 1 and the excellent results we are obtaining gets the better of it.

From us a customer buys an advice, a particular welcome, great professionalism and discretion and a quality product.

What is Luxury?

Trying to define luxuryabsolutely is very complicated and would mean risking to lose some aspects of its particularity and charm. The main difficult is in the very subjective character of the luxury perception.

We begin listing some words that define the concept: sophistication, excellence, prestige, wellness, elegance, superfluous, rarity, expensive…

Those words approaches us more to the idea we have of luxury even if actually luxury is something intangible.

Luxury in homes

Luxury is an attention given to the art of living.

What creates the difference among various homes?

A luxury home must at least respond to three needs: “ the originality, the quality of the products and the rarity of the offer”.

A home of high quality must have the ability to let people dream.

It expresses the creativity of its creator; the materials are valuable; the location is unrepeatable.

The price contributes to the accessibility or to the inaccessibility of the goods.

We can affirm that sometimes it is false that expensive goods are luxury goods, but it is always true that luxury goods are expensive.