Castello con ampio parco direttamente sul mare della Toscana

Livorno, Toscana

Il grande cancello carrabile in ferro ed i due più piccoli pedonali ai lati, si aprono direttamente sull’ingresso principale del Castello e della Dependance. Dal viale sterrato principale si può deviare attraverso un sentiero in discesa sino a raggiungere la rimessa barche e la spiaggia. Continuando invece a percorrere il sentiero principale che si sviluppa […]

Beautiful farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside

Firenze, Toscana

In the heart of central Tuscany, just 40 minutes from Florence, where ancient villages alternate with olive groves, vineyards and the green forests, we find this beautiful estate. The archaeological evidence that the area was already home to an important Etruscan settlement since the fifth century BC The complex has a total area of about […]

Finely restored ancient abbey

Rieti, Lazio

This abbey is a residential hotel of approximately 5,500 m² of built area and 20,000 m² of land, created from the renovation of the architectural complex of an abbey dating 1255. The property, with its great architectural magnificence and sophistication, is located in a distinct and visible place on a hill above the mists of […]